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Life Changing Results, With Only Water

I cant believe how well Bisous works. It takes HD, Waterproof & stage makeup off with ease. I highly recommend this product.

— Courtney H

Bisous has worked wonders for my face. I have really bad breakouts on my forehead and cheeks but this cloth has really calmed that down. My forehead has completely cleared and my cheeks are almost clear too. I have removed chemicals and cheap products from touching my face. I Really recommend this product. I suggest incorporating this into your skin care routine.

— Ruby C

Im 42 years old and I suffer from dermatitis. I had tried several remedies to remove it without success. I was then recommended Bisous from my doctor. I was very skeptical but after about a week I could tell the difference in my skin. I put my success down to removing alcohol wipes from my skincare process. I would HIGHLY recommend this product.

— Lindal Walker

I normally use a cotton pad with miceller water to take off waterproof eye makeup then use a makeup wipe to remove any leftover makeup. These save so much time and money as I can take all my makeup off with just one side of the cloth and just water!

— Jade Miller

My name is Jenny, I am 72. I first came across Bisous on facebook. I was very skeptical and contacted the company regarding the use of Bisous around my eyes. They were extremely helpful. I now use Bisous everyday as it does not pull or hurt my skin. It is extremely soft and removes all my makeup very fast. I would highly recommend this to anyone with aged delicate skin.

— Jenny Gold

I bought bisous cloths because I suffer from eczema. At first I used it to soothe my skin but after a month of use it has began to heal my skin dramatically. I couldn't recommend this product more if you have eczema.

— Anna Chun



Wet BISOUS with warm water, completely soak the cloth to ensure you activate the nanofibres.


Wipe gently in a circular motion to remove all makeup and grime.


In between use, hang BISOUS to dry. We suggest using BISOUS either side before washing. Machine wash with any wash then leave to dry or machine dry.